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Wiltshire Dog Walking & Behaviour

Qualified Veterinary Nurse

BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour Science

Reliable, Experienced & Insured

Wiltshire Dog Walking & Behaviour offers a variety of services to suit you and your furry family members. Kerry has a degree in Animal Behaviour and is a Qualified Veterinary Nurse, so you can be sure your pets are in safe hands.

I offer dog walking in social groups of up to 6 dogs. Group members are matched carefully depending on size, temperament and energy levels; this ensures every dog enjoys themselves with furry friends of a similar disposition!

Are you looking for a fun, weekly class to try with your dog? If you're not a fan of the usual obedience style group classes, then why not come along to Sniffa Skool and see if you can release your pooches inner search dog! Alternatively I will soon be offering fun gundog classes - suitable for any breed of dog - these classes will improve your dog's obedience 'in the real world' as well as showing you all the skills you didn't know your dog had!

For those pooches that don't appreciate a group setting; one-to-one training and individual walks are available too; click here for more information.

All of my training methods are force free. This means that I like to teach and encourage the 'good' behaviours that we want by using things the dog finds rewarding (e.g. treats & toys) rather than punishing the dog for 'bad' behaviours that we don't like.

I am based in Calne and cover Calne, Chippenham and the surrounding areas.

For any questions, or to request our services then please Contact Me.

Totally recommend Kerry to look after your treasured pets, big big thankyou.

Hollie & Ash's owners