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Wiltshire Dog Walking & Behaviour

Dog Walking


1 dog = £14.50/hour

2 dogs = £22.50/hour

NHS/Emergency Services/UK Armed Forces receive 10% discount on regular services

Playful Pups

Your pup will travel safely in my specially designed van to one of a variety of countryside locations. Here your pup will be allowed to safely run around off lead with other friendly and confident dogs who enjoy the more social side to walking. Walks will centre around play with both canines and humans, ensuring maximum energy expenditure and enjoyment.

Pups will be dropped home ready to sleep the rest of the day away.

Mellow Moochers

Your pooch will travel to a quiet location where they can sniff & snuffle to their hearts content. They will be walked with other mellow dogs who enjoy a slightly slower pace of life. This group is appropriate for any dog who doesn't enjoy the hustle & bustle that comes with very energetic & playful dogs; including shy or timid dogs (but not for dogs who have ever shown aggression).

Pooches will be dropped home content to snooze until you return!


Dogs travel safely and securely in my van which has:

Custom fit crates allowing 6 dogs to travel individually - no sharing with dogs from a different house.

Each crate has an escape door in case of an accident - dogs can be removed quickly and safely if the normal entry/exit route has been affected.

The van is air conditioned to keep dogs nice and cool on warm summer days!

Dog Walking

We feel very fortunate to have such a great dog walker.

Otto's owners