For help with your furry family members!

Wiltshire Dog Walking & Behaviour

Puppy Classes

Foundation Puppy

During the 6 week course you will learn the skills required to help you and your puppy cope with every day life together. You will create the foundations of a strong and lasting relationship which will help your puppy develop into a well trained and well behaved dog.

The course will include:

Dog body language

Loose lead walking




How dogs learn


Greeting people


Weekly Q&A

Your puppy stays at home for the first lesson, this may sound strange but it allows everyone to meet for a talk on common behaviour, training and health issues. This is where owners have an opportunity to have any questions answered and iron out any problems that may be specific to their puppy. The puppies come along to the remaining 5 lessons and that's when they get to have their say!  

There will be a maximum of 4 puppies per class

For puppies under 20 weeks old at the start of the course

£72 for 6 weeks

Advanced Puppy

Suitable for puppies that have completed the Foundation Puppy course, or those which have a basic level of training already.

The classes will build on what was learned during the Foundation Puppy course including:

Refining Obedience Skills – sit, down, stay, recall and lead skills etc.

Manners – walking nicely, jumping up, leave, settle down

Social Skills – continue to develop with other puppies and with humans; build confidence in a variety of settings.

Distraction Skills – Working in a group setting with mild to moderate distractions.

There will be a maximum of 4 dogs per class

For dogs up to 1 year

£72 for 6 weeks